How it works

How it works


Welcome to VisitAarhus’ Tourism Barometer which provides an overview of the tourism in The Aarhus Region consisting of both historical and current data.

The Tourism Barometer Aarhus allows you to stay informed about the current tourism development in The Aarhus Region. The purpose of the Barometer is to monitor the latest tourism trends and development as a relevant input for decision making

VisitAarhus is the official tourism organization in The Aarhus Region covering the municipalities of Aarhus, Silkeborg, Viborg, Randers, Farvskov, Skanderborg samt Syd- og Norddjurs


The barometer is based on a number of indicators: 

  • Bednights
  • Number of visits at attractions generated by VisitAarhus' city card. 
  • Number of sea cruise passengers. 
  • Number of passengers at the airports Aarhus and Billund.


For VisitAarhus partners 

In addition to the above standing, VIP partners are able to compare and analyze the data provided.
This access is also available to VisitAarhus partners participating in the Tourism Barometer by entering their visitor data.

To become a partner with VisitAarhus please visit our website with contact information here.  


The Barometer's history 

The Tourism Barometer Aarhus was established to monitor tourism when Aarhus was European Capital of Culture in 2017. Hence, the platform is based on data from Aarhus. An example is the site "Bednights in the city" where city refers to Aarhus and not other cities located within the destination. In 2020 VisitAarhus' destination expanded to cover eight municipalties in The Aarhus Region in contrast to previously only covering the municipaplity of Aarhus. As a consequence The Tourism Barometer Aarhus is now adapting to the expanded geography of the new destination branded as The Aarhus Region. 



Bednights: In the bednights modules you can see the monthly number of bednight in hotels, hostels and holiday centres located in following geographically defined areas: Aarhus Region and Aarhus City since 2012.

Statistics regarding hotels and bednights are provided by the industry to Statistics Denmark each month. These data are available approximately 40 after the month's end.
Data on sharing economy is provided by Airbnb each year. Furthermore, there is data on bednights accommodated through Airbnb for the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

Attractions: Here you can get an owerview of the aggreted number of visits in the museums and other attractions. 

The numbers of visits in attractions are based on figures provided by the attractions themselves entering their data on a monthly basis.

City Card: Regards "AarhusCARD" giving access to more than 25 museums, attractions and piblic transport in The Aarhus Region in either 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. 
Read more about AarhusCARD here. 

Internal data delivered by VisitAarhus.

Sea cruise passengers: The aggredted number of passengers on board on the sea cruises arriving in Aarhus Habour on a monthly basis during the cruise season. 
Go to cruise arrivals 2020 here. 

Internal data delivered by VisitAarhus.

Please note that all indicators are assesed on a regular basis in order to match VisitAarhus' new destination that now covers eight municipalities.


Contact information at VisitAarhus: 

Sine Kjær Stage
Data Analysis Manager


Photo: Comwell